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VISA is looking for Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP experienced developers

VISA is looking for Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP experienced developers
  • A New Zealand job posting from VISA reveals plans to hire developers with experience in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple (XRP).
  • VISA’s goal seems to be to build a new global payment system based on blockchain.
  • The head of cryptocurrencies for VISA declared a CBDC as an important trend.

Under the title “Blockchain Engineer”, the payment giant VISA has published a job posting that drew attention within the crypto space. Aimed at developers with experience in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and XRP, the announcement is part of a VISA initiative to develop a “new global payment system based on blockchain”.

The announcement was made specifically by VISA’s Commercial Payments Group, which is responsible for innovation in business-to-business payments. In addition, the research group is charged with “defining and developing” the non-card-based product. One of the priorities of the project and the team is to develop a Hyperledger based technology in Go.

The announcement states that the chosen candidates will join the team in Foster City, California. Additionally, the developer will have the opportunity to work on emerging technologies with technology teams and will be able to explore and understand the demands of the business sector in terms of payment solutions, as the announcement states:

We’re looking for a strong developer experienced with Ethereum and blockchain architecture to be a part of team tasked with building distributed application. Our ideal candidate has built and released distributed applications, has worked with the Ripple, R3, Ethereum and/or Bitcoin blockchain, and has experience with Solidity.

The next decade will be defined by CBDCs

On the other hand, the Head of Cryptocurrencies for VISA, Cuy Sheffield, published a series of tweets commenting on a central bank digital currency (CBDC). In Sheffield’s opinion, CBDC’s are the future of payments and will define the next decade:

As governments evaluate CBDC, the path that they decide to take will have major implications for privacy, monetary sovereignty, geopolitics, and financial inclusion, as well as global adoption of crypto dollars and Bitcoin.

The Head of Cryptocurrencies for VISA advised users and potential investors to be aware of the “debate around CBDCs”. That way, investors will have an idea about how they are created, designed and the specifications of each CBDC, as Sheffield explained:

What used to be an occasional paper from an analyst at a central bank every few months has evolved into a steady stream of content from many different experts, academics, and organizations making it harder to keep up with the latest considerations.

Last updated on July 6, 2020

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