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Vanilla Ice Dangers Spreading Virus Exact to Stay Relevant

Vanilla Ice Dangers Spreading Virus Exact to Stay Relevant

  • Vanilla Ice has agreed to fabricate at a dwell performance in Texas, proving he’s so determined for work and publicity he’s intelligent to unfold Covid-19.
  • The “rapper” hasn’t addressed the hazards posed by his dwell performance, preferring to level of interest on resuscitating his career.
  • The dwell performance comes at a time when Texas is now seeing over 8,000 new coronavirus cases per day.

Vanilla Ice will headline a Fourth of July dwell performance in Texas, which is struggling with a steep rise in virus infections.

Jog, the “rapper” is so determined for work and publicity that he’d threat spreading the virus among hundreds of of us. This could merely be the simplest cause within the abet of his settlement to fabricate at a time whenTexas is dealing with over 8,000 new virus cases per day. Retaining a dwell performance within the Lone Smartly-known person Direct sounds relish a death wish.

Tranquil, Vanilla Ice is so talentless that, once the coronavirus pandemic is over, we’ll all surely neglect him once extra. We hope.

Vanilla Ice Is Too Frigid For Covid-19

Immediate historic past lesson: Vanilla Ice used to be a daunting rap “neatly-known person.” In a blueprint, he grew to alter into infamous within the early nineties, on the abet of radios torturing the American public by having fun with “Ice Ice Puny one” many cases.

Now he’s abet, as a minimal even as you happen to are residing in Texas. On the Fourth of July,he’ll “manufacture” at the Emerald Level Bar & Grill. He steadily is the headliner at the Independence Day Throwback Sea slide Occasion, along with “hip-hop doo-wop” neighborhood Color Me Badd.

Journalist Parker Molloy reacts with shock at the records that folk need to seem Vanilla Ice rap. | Supply:Twitter

With Covid-19 rampaging by Texas, this tournament has to be known as the Independence Day Throw-Up Sea slide Occasion. Even though it took Texas some time to procure there, the virus is infecting the speak with a vengeance.

Journalist Michael Schwab highlights the alarming Covid-19 figures coming out of Texas. | Supply:Twitter

Within the face of this surge,Texas Governor Greg Abbott paused extra phases of the speak’s reopening opiniona week within the past. He didn’t roll abet already executed phases, though, leaving reopened eating areas and agencies peaceable delivery.

Right here’s why Vanilla Ice can peaceable commit crimes towards song on Saturday. He’s “performing” at a restaurant that doesn’t face restrictions, not like exact dwell performance venues.

Tranquil, the virus surge occurred below the scorching a part of the reopening. It’s likely to proceed, especially if 2,500 insane of us congregate to seem Vanilla Ice.

Ice Is Inflamed

Yeah, so the instruct seems to be grim.The positivity fee for Covid-19 checks within the Austin metro house is for the time being 28%. If you stir to the Vanilla Ice dwell performance on the Fourth of July, you have a excessive likelihood of catching the illness.

Vanilla Ice is gagging so strong for consideration that he hasn’t let this inconvenient truth faze him.

“I will’t wait to procure abet to this,”he wrote on Instagram. By “this,” we can simplest steal he intended an intensive care mattress.

Vanilla Ice will get psyched for spreading the virus. | Supply:Instagram

“We didn’t have coronavirus,” he additionally wrote, relating to the nineties. He thinks that, by performing at a nineties dwell performance, he’s traveling abet in time. So in his deranged world, he’s no longer striking anyone in chance.

Unsurprisingly, extra than about a of us on the records superhighway have made fun of the very belief of a Vanilla Ice dwell performance in 2020.

A Twitter user predicts that no-one will stir to the dwell performance. | Supply:Twitter

Some of us pointed out that Vanilla Ice’s fans (assuming he has some) could merely belong to “at-threat” groups.

One Twitter user means that anyone outmoded ample to keep in mind Vanilla Ice need to peaceable defend some distance off from the dwell performance. | Supply:Twitter

In all seriousness, it goes to be interesting to seem if anyone turns as a lot as the dwell performance on Saturday. Alternatively, we’re talking about Texas here, so absolute self assurance some of us will.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this text manufacture no longer essentially judge the views of CCN.com.

Last modified: July 3, 2020 12: 31 AM UTC

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