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Stockscale Review~ Helpful guide to this Forex Broker

Stockscale Review~ Helpful guide to this Forex Broker
Stockscale homepage

Stockscale Review~ Helpful guide to this Forex Broker

Stockscale io is a recently founded brokerage that offers various trading services across a variety of assets.

As it opened earlier in 2022. The broker aims to provide a competitive all-around service, satisfying the needs of a broad range of traders. The company is located in the British Virgin Islands


It’s not difficult to see why many traders have found themselves drawn to Stockscale io. As soon as you enter the website, you can notice that the company pays astounding attention to detail. As such, they crafted their landing page to concisely present the crucial aspects of their services without coming off as boisterous. Functionally, the website does extremely well. There’s no handling delay or extended loading period, eliminating any frustration in that regard. The information you’d like to know is also readily available, with the broker making sure nothing is a secret. Usually, a new brokerage only shows its best features, so Stockscale io’s behavior signifies a strong service, confidence and trustworthiness.

However, traders often turn a blind eye to design mistakes if the overall trading experience proves satisfactory. Luckily, Stockscale.io doesn’t lack anything in that regard either. Let’s take a look at some of the broker’s most appealing qualities:

Is Stockscale transparent ?

Transparency is vital in many trading areas, up from the most basic level of choosing a broker. Ideally, you should avoid brokers that don’t lay out all their cards on the table. If a broker seems like it’s hiding something, it’s probably intentional and for a good reason. And if a brokerage is willing to hide info to appear better, it’s likely they’d also employ other shady tactics. The other important aspect of transparency is in trading execution, as you need your trades to process quickly, so the price doesn’t change.


It’s apparent that any sort of commission or fee when trading negatively impacts the person making the trade. However, many traders underestimate the damage fees can do to their overall experience. That’s because the charges are usually so small that they seem harmless. What you don’t see is that they add up.

Even the smallest commission can entirely invalidate certain trading strategies and can even be the sole difference between gaining and losing money. Traders shouldn’t tolerate fees, as they tip the scales even further against them.

Accessible features

If you’re a low to the mid-level trader, you may have never experienced the features usually tied to premium accounts. Accessing such things can leave a dent in your budget, as they often require hefty investments from the trader. However, Stockscale.io’s account typing allows even mid-level investors to experience some popular luxury features.

Even the cheapest account gives you pretty much everything you need.

Funds Trading and Security at Stockscale

As the trading world evolves, expands, and becomes more readily available to the average person, it also becomes more dangerous. That’s evident by the rise of scam brokerages that have been a significant issue in recent times. At first glance, it seems like every other new brokerage is a scam, which has made people wary of experimenting. However, while the situation is unfortunate, some have blown it out of proportion deeming nearly every upcoming firm’s intentions disingenuous. However, that’s far from the truth. Trustworthy fresh brokerages are plentiful if you know what to look for.

We mentioned transparency as a positive earlier in our Stockscale io review. That’s because the availability of information is the first sign of a brokerage you can trust. If a firm hides certain aspects of its services, that’s usually because they’re trying to bait customers into an underwhelming or damaging service. After you’ve signed up and invested with a scam, it’s already fulfilled its goal, and it’s too late to correct your mistakes.

So Stockscale io already passes the initial test, but another reliable indicator is reputation. Now, we can’t exactly look at what users think about Stockscale io because it’s still quite fresh and hasn’t attracted enough attention.

Which Trading Accounts does Stockscale Offer ?

The accounts at Stockscale io managed to strike a delicate balance that brokerages usually miss. In trying to cater to everyone, most brokerages either favor one side too much or end up underwhelming everyone all around. As such, it’s quite commendable that Stockscale io manages to provide amazing options for all traders, no matter their skill or budget limitations.

For example, budget traders can get the Mini account at the usual cost of $250. While it does lack some luxury features the more expensive versions have, the core trading experience stays the same. There are no assets locked behind paywalls or limitations that would force you to upgrade.

On the other hand, the more expensive accounts manage to feel like significant upgrades, with improved conditions and luxury features. The tiers are also reasonably priced, meaning you can gradually progress through the different types. Additionally, as we mentioned already in our Stockscale io review, some luxury features become available quite early on.

Altogether, the brokerage provides one of the fairest accounts typing systems we’ve seen. So, here’s a rundown of each account type, so you can look at which is best for you:

StockScale offers three main types of accounts
StockScale offers three main types of accounts

Trading Conditions

When you look at the set of trading conditions at Stockscale io, you can easily forget that they’re a new brokerage. The leverage is maxed at 1:400, which is way more than most experts recommend using but can still prove quite helpful. The spreads are tight even with the cheapest account and only compress further as you progress through the tiers. Even the asset variety and platform are top-notch, rounding off the entire experience.

The secondary trading factors build further on that concrete formation. The security ensures your money isn’t going anywhere, while the variety and speed of deposit and withdrawal options allow for your funds to flow freely. That means that any outside influence or frustration is minimized, and the only thing determining your success is your skill.

Trading Platform

Stockscale io didn’t take a shortcut by using a proprietary platform and instead provides users with the option to use MetaTrader4. The software is the most prominent and broadly used trading terminal worldwide and a favourite of both new and experienced traders. It also comes in two more convenient forms, a mobile and web trader. The features increase trader mobility and accessibility, which are both quite welcome.

Stockscale trading platform
Stockscale trading platform

Stockscale io’s Trading Products

Stockscale io provides a wide variety of assets both in the form of CFDs and Forex. The area the broker covers is quite broad, making diversification a breeze and the overall trading experience less tedious. The total number of products comes just under a 100, which, while not the highest, should be chalked up to the broker just recently opening. Here are the categories you can trade on:

Customer Service at Stockscale io

The brokerage’s support team has regular work hours, meaning they operate 24/5, excluding the weekend. The team is quite quick and pleasant to interact with our experience when we ran a short test. You can reach Stockscale io’s customer service via phone or email.

Phone: +447418355511

Email: [email protected]


Conclusion of the Stockscale Review

Considering the uncertain state of the world and the ongoing rough patch, Stockscale io’s current state is nothing short of impressive. It stands as a fantastic option for someone looking for an all-around CFD and Forex-focused brokerage.

However, the most exciting detail is that it’s likely to evolve even further in the future. We’re keeping a close eye on the broker and are eager to see where it takes its service next. Needless to say, we’re content with recommending Stockscale io as a brokerage you should definitely try out.

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