Home Broker reviews stockhome.io Review~ Helpful guide to this Forex Broker

stockhome.io Review~ Helpful guide to this Forex Broker

stockhome.io Review~ Helpful guide to this Forex Broker
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Stockhome.io Review~ Helpful guide to this Forex Broker


The broker is a very new addition to the online trading ecosystem, having been launched in 2021. They have been rapidly adding to their client base since their launch, as traders have really taken to the transparency of the company. Reviews of the broker from clients have been largely positive and cast stockhome io in a good light.

The company operates out of St. Vincent & The Grenadines.

Prospective clients who visit the stockhome io website will likely be surprised by the user interface, which differs from the usual broker website in its lack of promotional banners and other eye-catching elements. Rather than inundating users with market information or broker promotion the site has just the basic information about stockhome io.

This includes all the licensing and registration information, along with links to the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and other policies regarding complaints/disputes, KYC/AML, Conflict of Interest, Trading Risks, and more.

It’s this transparency that has made stockhome io so popular in such a short span of time. Clients have greatly appreciated the open approach of the broker which contrasts with the opposite approach some brokers take in hiding as much information as possible regarding their policies and procedures. stockhome io has been able to leverage this approach into a bond of client trust.

While traders definitely appreciate the transparency to be found here, there are other characteristics and features that recommend this broker to prospective clients and we’ll touch on those things in more detail throughout this review.

A Quick Look at stockhome io

Normally part of the review process includes the creation of a demo account at the broker to test their platform. This wasn’t possible at stockhome io or actually i was not necessary as everyone that made an account automatically has a demo account. It was also not possible to test a real money account as stockhome io minimum

deposit amount is $250

We did find the stockhome io site itself very informative. It includes all the information we would typically look for at a broker all laid out in very clear and easy to access ways.

We do know that the broker does not offer the Metatrader 5 platform but their own webtrader which is a great platform all by itself.

and being familiar with the platform lets us know that trading with them would be on a technologically advanced platform. Past trials with the platform let us know that the experience here is likely to be excellent as well.

Languages Offered

stockhome io differs from other brokers in another way by offering its website and support in English. One exception to this is the trading platform since the stockhome io Trading platform comes with support for many the languages.

Account Types

Like most brokers stockhome io offers various account types, or levels, based on a minimum deposit amount. There are 4 such account levels and benefits for the account types increase along with the minimum deposit. Below are more detailed descriptions of each account type/level:

At stockhome.io  You can choose from our 4 account types: Mini, Standard, Gold, VIP and Islamic. Whatever your account type, at stockhome.io you get a personal and professional service, access to our 24/7 online support and educational services, Desktop Platform trading platform, with unlimited charts and technical indicators, automated trading and mobile trading software. As you increase your deposit, you receive more services.


Mini forex trading accounts are for new traders who want less risk. Standard accounts are for experienced traders and Gold accounts are for those who can trade large volumes. VIP account holders get more analysis and proactive trading guidance from our experts.

Fees, Costs & Spreads
stockhome io has very fair costs and spreads, and with the fixed spreads they are some of the best in the industry, with major forex pairs seeing spreads as low as 0.5 pips. That’s the best you can expect, but, the average spreads for major pairs is more like 0.6 pips, which is still quite competitive. Based on the information in the Terms & Conditions there are no fees for deposits and no fees for withdrawals, which is an excellent policy. T&Cs indicates some fees and commission charges is certain situations. The items are as follows:

  • “The Client acknowledges and agrees to pay commissions to third parties that help initiate and maintain a business relationship between the Company and its constituents. This includes rebates, commissions, spreads, and profit sharing. T
  • “For inactivity, there will be some fees to be paid. The Client will be reminded of the inactivity and will be informed of the fee via email prior to the actual deadline.”

Note that an inactive account is one in which the balance falls below $100. In that case the account is frozen, and fees will be assessed unless the client deposits additional capital to bring the account balance back above $100.

Deposits & Withdrawals

stockhome io has no charges for either deposits or withdrawals, but there may be fees imposed by the bank, credit card company, or electronic payment company.

The broker will accept a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, which includes bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and several electronic payment methods.

As is true at any broker bank transfers are the slowest means of deposit and withdrawal. Deposits will take 1 business day to process and funds become available, while withdrawals might take as long as 5 days to process. Those time frames do not include any delays caused by the client’s bank. And there is a list of stockhome io approved banks, with the broker only accepting deposits from the banks which are on that list. The list can be requested after opening an account.

Credit or debit cards are as always, the fastest method, with deposits available to trade immediately, and withdrawals processed within 1 business day.

Electronic payment methods vary depending on the company. In most cases both deposits and withdrawals are processed very quickly.

In all cases you can only deposit from and withdraw to an account that is in your name.

Trading Platforms

The only trading platform offered by stockhome io is is the Traderssoft Trading platform. Clients are able to choose from the desktop, mobile, or web-based version of the award-winning trading platform.


Desktop Platform

Clients will enjoy the capabilities of the desktop version, which allows for trading most asset classes. Plus, it is one of the best platforms on the market for charting price action, and for performing technical analysis. Clients can use these abilities for examining currencies, stock and indices, and commodities.

With the power of stockhome io trading platform behind them clients will be able to unlock new understandings of market movements. The platform comes with in-depth price history, making it easier to perform back testing of potential trading strategies. All of this is possible thanks to the strong technical analysis capabilities of stockhome io trading platform.


In addition to all the above the platform also provides market depth data, which can be very useful in analyzing possible future price movement.

stockhome io trading platform Mobile App

The stockhome io trading platform mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices, and it allows active traders to monitor their positions even if they leave the house. While there are some limitations in the technical analysis capabilities of the mobile version it is still a powerful trading platform and provides an extreme level of flexibility for traders.

Thanks to the capabilities of the stockhome io trading platform clients can have access to the markets anywhere and at any time.

Assets Available

stockhome io is very generous with the range of assets being made available to clients, especially once they pass the Rookie level and reach the Basic tier.

Traders looking for a solid forex broker will appreciate the wide variety on forex pairs made available on the  platform at this broker. They not only have all the major forex pairs, but also many minor pairs, and even exotic pairs.

Forex isn’t all they have either. Clients can get access to precious metals, crude oil, and other commodities like wheat, corn, and sugar. In addition to that there are more than 300 popular global stocks, and over 40 different equity indices available.

Those who embrace risk can also add leverage up to 300:1 to their trading arsenal here, although using such massive leverage isn’t typically recommended.

Order Types

There are four basic order types for clients. These are the market and limit orders, as well as stop orders and trailing stop orders. Clients can make changes to orders or cancel them at any time before they’ve been filled.

Risk Management Tools
While there are no specific risk management lessons or tools being made available, clients will still have plenty of opportunity to practice risk management simply through the basic tools that are available. One of the most powerful of these are the stop loss orders, and trailing stop orders. Both can be used to protect a trade from losses. And the trade alerts can also be used to give a trader advance notice of market moves.

Trading Tools and Analysis

Traders will have access to all the technical analysis tools that come as a part of the  platform. That provides technical analysis based on the trader’s own knowledge. Those who like to use technical analysis provided by experts . And the broker also provides actual technical analysis for those who reach the VIP level account.

Education and Training

There are no educational materials available. No guides, no webinars, no videos, no education or training at all. It is possible that some training is available to registered clients, but there’s no mention of it on the website. So, traders at stockhome io will need to find another source for training and education.

Customer Support

Support can be contacted throughout the week on a 24-hour basis, but there is no weekend support, because there is no weekend trading. stockhome io makes their support team available via online chat from the website, through email, or by telephone. According to the broker they have the best support in the industry. While that seems impossible to prove, we did find the support team to be professional, efficient, and knowledgeable about the policies and trading platform.

Independent Opinion & Rating

It’s true that stockhome io is just getting started, but it seems they are off to a good start. They have a positive reputation and clients appreciate the open and transparent position being taken in the sometimes-opaque world of financial brokers. Our review of the services offered has largely been a positive one because the broker is doing the right thing in the right ways.

To note there’s a large minimum deposit required, even for the most basic account. It could be that stockhome io knows what they’re doing in this though. Perhaps they aren’t looking to serve the community of beginning traders. Perhaps they are targeting experienced traders who appreciate their transparency, and who don’t need hand holding.

That theory is partially borne out by the large number of assets available for trade. Whether a trader is coming from the stock exchanges, commodity pits, or currency desks there is something available for everyone. And the low spreads can help improve profitability too.

With reliability, transparency, low spreads, and an increasingly positive reputation it could be worth giving them a try.

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