• Leah Remini is promising to continue to indicate Scientology.
  • Specifically, too, she’s having a see to indicate Tom Cruise’s connection to the cult.
  • Even supposing the ‘faith’ based by L. Ron Hubbard is a harmful cult, it peaceable holds sway in Hollywood.

Leah Remini is peaceable on a quest to indicate Scientology.

Despite her award-winning documentary wherein she exposes her dilapidated faith for being the harmful cult that it’s, most of its extra egregious acts continue to be swept below the rug, thanks in no minute section to its strongest participants, such as Tom Cruise.

Why is discussing these items peaceable so taboo amongst the Hollywood elite?

Scientology Is Bad

Without getting lost in the proverbial weeds about what Scientology does, and doesn’t, think, suffice it to pronounce that it’s a harmful cult.

Scientology continues to form donations from a couple of of Hollywood’s wealthiest celebrities. | Source:Twitter/Leah Remini

It’s miles so harmful, actually, thatcountries all over the sphere contain eminent its diabolical methods. To wit:

By surrounding converts with other Scientologists, and surroundings apart them from folks who contain differing opinions from the church, they form it extremely advanced for folks to demolish away. To boot, the mental and emotional abuse suffered by participants of the church has been effectively-documented each and each right here and in a foreign country.

The cult has been blamed forDanny Masterson’s recent rape prices, and for John Travolta’s eldest son’s death.

Of the latter, in mumble, Scientology is blamed for putting Travolta in a location the buildhe wouldn’t acknowledge his son’s fair prognosis— blaming “Kawasaki illness” for his seizures when it was once all but medically very no longer going that Jett Travolta was once affected by the uncommon disorder — which in a roundabout map contributed to his son’s death.

And even supposing Travolta eventually acknowledged that Jett Travolta was once, certainly, autistic in 2019, he credited the “faith” based by L. Ron Hubbard forhelping him “derive thru it.”

Looks quite unique, don’t you think?

And Leah Remini Is Drained Of It

Leah Remini — herself a dilapidated Scientologist — thinks so, too. That’s why she’s on a mission, nowadays, to no longer supreme finish taking down the faith she began to chip away at in her award-winning documentary sequence, “Scientology & the Aftermath,” but to indicate its strongest and standard member: Tom Cruise.

Lately, actress Thandie Newton spoke out against Cruise, claiming she was once panicked of him when she was once on the placement of “Mission Now no longer attainable 2,” and Remini didn’t veil the incontrovertible truth thatmost actresses are panicked to keep in touch out against himthanks to the sway he holds in Hollywood thanks to Scientology:

That takes unheard of balls to win what she did, and if extra folks keep in touch out in that technique, and be fearless ample to win so, I feel we would derive somewhere. Tom has gotten away with being this ‘good man,’ because that’s what Scientology policy says—to invent correct PR on the earth and form those ‘correct actions’ identified. However in case you basically see at his actions, they’re no longer consistent.

Remini went on to pronounce that because Cruise has a “good man” image, speaking out against him can price you a profession in Hollywood.

Leah Remini is pointing the finger at Tom Cruise for pulling an Australian community sequence expose into Scientology. | Source:Twitter

The request, obviously, remains: why is this so? Why is Scientology peaceable the last taboo in Hollywood — andwhy is speaking out against what many call a harmful cultso detrimental to one’s profession?

I realized stunning rapid that that’s no longer one thing you desires to be doing, because Tom Cruise is considered a messiah in Scientology. This is a individual who has no longer even seen his contain daughter in years. That this man would possibly perhaps also fair also be operating around and having folks narrate he’s this natty-good man, I don’t derive it. However that’s the Hollywood-bulls–t sport folks play.

It’s all a sport, certainly. It desires to be piquant to see, though, if Remini is a hit in taking Scientology — and Tom Cruise — down.

Disclaimer: The opinions listed right here win no longer necessarily replicate the views of

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