Omit T.I.

Omit T.I.

  • 50 Cent is coming off controversial comments on Lil Wayne’s radio prove, the build he singled out “enraged unlit girls folks.”
  • Actress Vivica A. Fox appropriate blasted 50 Cent on Fox philosophize proveThe Neighborhood Talk.
  • She has each dazzling to be bored stiff with males who behave fancy 50 Cent.

50 Cent is appropriate a stage name.In step with Vivica A. Fox,his right name is “f*ck boy.”

She beat rapper T.I. to the punch. He appropriate known as out 50 to a Verzuz fight, nonetheless Fox came out swinging all over an episode ofThe Neighborhood Talk.

Fox used to be visibly upset by 50 Cent’s controversial comments about unlit girls folks. And she has each dazzling.

Other folks fancy 50 Cent possess promoted misogyny for rather a lot too lengthy, and now he’s blaming unlit girls folks for being enraged?

Vivica A. Fox appropriate known as him precisely what he is, and it’s about time.

50 Cent Sparks the Blaze

Earlier this week, 50 Cent went on Lil Wayne’sYounger Cash Radioto philosophize about his mating preferences.

He made it obvious that he likes to dabble with girls folks of a range of races.

They safe enraged, they safe enraged and you survey a range of sisters they traipse ‘oh you f*ck with this more or much less girl and that more or much less girl. That sh*t is irregular. That sh*t appears rather a lot a range of from the sh*t you survey in the neighborhood your total time…

Nonetheless he didn’t discontinue there. He elaborated on the role unlit girls folks play in his drama:

It’s attention-grabbing to discover. Nonetheless they safe enraged, they safe enraged.

Lil Wayne used to be cackling in response, nonetheless a hefty chunk of the salvage response used to be now not laughing.

That entails Vivica A. Fox.

Vivica A. Fox Has a Appropriate to be Wrathful

Even though 50 Cent known as out “enraged unlit girls folks” in his rant, that didn’t discontinue Vivica A. Fox unleashing her fury.

Alternatively it’s now not even about her emotions; it’s about her words. And her words ring appropriate.

He has such f*ck boy trends.

After I read that, I used to be fancy, in level of truth? you may well maybe well maybe bellow that.

She can possess to serene know. She played 50 Cent’s ex-lady friend in his TV prove50 Centralall around the one season it used to be allowed to exist.

Urban Dictionary defines “f*ck boy”as a “somebody who is most effective looking out out part of *ss to utilize after which throw away.”

It no doubt doesn’t sound fancy 50 Cent is calling for a relationship. He doesn’t sound too thinking about somebody’s emotions. It looks fancy he’s appropriate thinking about having intercourse with some “irregular sh*t,” and transferring on.

Vivica A. Fox nailed it.

Fox persevered:

You don’t need somebody to balk you, or verify with you, you wish somebody to sit over there and be a sexy minute dogs, that you may well maybe well maybe appropriate pay.

Can’t contend with a unlit girl, can you?

She known as his statements “demeaning” and “boastful.”

Fox added, “you bought here from a unlit girl, don’t ever forget that.”

Mic descend.

Right here’s Why Vivica Has a Point

50 Cent is allowed to possess his sexual preferences; no person is arguing in opposition to that.

The balk is that he’s perpetuating an unhelpful stereotype about unlit girls folks. Are they honestly enraged your total time?

And why are they enraged? Would possibly maybe maybe also it be because they were born into this country with arguably more obstacles than any other demographic?

Each person appears to be getting their shots in. | Supply:Twitter

You’d mediate other folks fancy 50 Cent would must prop them up.Nonetheless in its build, he uses his, regrettably, influential idea to knock them down. It’s even more infuriating while you focus on about that a large fragment of why they’re enraged is due to other folks fancy 50 Cent.

He additionally many instances referred to girls folks as “sh*t.”

That sh*t is EXOTIC. That sh*t appears rather a lot a range of from the sh*t you survey in the neighborhood your total time.

The tides are shifting. Ladies folks, especially unlit girls folks,are better than appropriate “sh*t” for folks fancy 50 Cent to discover.

Kudos to Vivica A. Fox for calling it out. He’s all yours T.I.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed listed here assemble now not necessarily focus on the views of

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