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Kanye West’s 2020 Vision Would possibly per chance maybe maybe be Absurd Ample to Rob

Kanye West’s 2020 Vision Would possibly per chance maybe maybe be Absurd Ample to Rob

  • Kanye West broke down, in part, his plans for his 2020 presidential high-tail.
  • Many of his concepts are half-baked or they merely pass the buck onto God.
  • No matter his in miserable health-conceived platform, the Chicago rapper has a puncher’s likelihood on this yr’s election.

Kanye West has made up our minds to high-tail for president this yr, but he wasn’t constantly so obvious.

West turn out to be reportedly “hedging” on his likelihood all the map in which by map ofa recent interview withForbes.He made up his suggestions, mid-interview, that he would high-tail for president this yr.

He’ll high-tail on the marketing and marketing campaign slogan, “YES!”

The suggestions of Kanye West is a bizarre put. | Offer:Twitter

However after hours of interviews where he detailed his plans, essentially the most appropriate slogan for West 2020 shall be “UMMM?”

Are his batty decisions any crazier than the plot quo? You may per chance be surprised.

Kanye West Unearths His Odd Team

Kanye will have essentially the most smartly-known crew in U.S. history —if you happen to brush aside his gain for vice president.

He’ll be flanked by a mega-celebrity first girl in Kim Kardashian. Certain, Michelle Obama is smartly-known now, but no first girl has slept her first evening within the White Dwelling with the construct of status that Kim Ok will bring.

Kanye West has proposed tech demi-god Elon Musk as head of the predicament program. Between the three of them, their social media influence shall be large.

However the status ends there.

His proposed running mate shall be Michelle Tidball, a “biblical existence-coach” in Wyoming. By no system heard of her? Neither has someone else.

Come again? | Offer:Twitter

She runs a bible inquire program named Plentiful Ministries andcosts $65 for a 50-minute existence-instructing session.

This insane different is now no longer with out wisdom. If Kanye is to have any shot, he’ll need to grab some red votes. Tidball, who looks to be a conservative white girl, would make a few of these voters more contented.

Kanye has discovered his “Karen.”

Kanye Abandons Donald Trump With Impeccable Timing

Kanye West couldn’t have picked a larger time to ditch the Donald.

Kanye is taking half in his cards appropriate. | Offer:Twitter

The aged out-loud MAGA supporter advisedForbes,

It looks fancy one colossal mess to me…I don’t fancy that I caught wind that he hid within the bunker.

Trump has stumbled at nearly every step of his pandemic response.The US is infested with the virus, and it’s a ways worse than any nation on the planet.

Hisrankings are reflecting his disastrous response.

As his fringe supporters start to distance themselves from Donald Trump, West is mirroring their emotions.

They’re already conversant in Kanye. They’re shedding faith in Trump. And they also don’t fancy Biden.

Trump received 2016 byfocusing his social media battle on a small quantity of fringe voters.If he progressively loses these folks, Kanye shall be essentially the most contented candidate to change him.

Yeezy Will Toddle on God

As for his policies, his most ordinary stance is both “whatever is in step with God,” or “I don’t know but.”

He’s professional-existence but against the death penalty.

He wants to cease police brutality, and maybe Dusky History Month.

When requested about increasing policies?

I don’t know if I would use the notice policy for the skill I would skill issues.

We’d like to innovate the form so that you just may per chance free the suggestions today.

Kanye West, who claims he had COVID-19 in February, said that vaccines are “the designate of the beast.”

Kanye is a covid survivor. Would his opponents be so fortunate? | Offer:Twitter

That’s now no longer to verbalize he doesn’t have a resolution for the pandemic,

We pray… We’d like to end doing issues that make God wrathful.

West says he would high-tail as a Republican if Trump didn’t high-tail. If he does, West will high-tail as an impartial.

He’s running under the banner of the Birthday Birthday party, “on fable of after we gain, it’s each person’s birthday.”

The Path to Victory

In summation, Kanye West sounds mildly insane, but he speaks with conviction. Does that sound fancy someone else who only within the near previous received the presidency?

Donald Trump is shedding steam, and almost no one essentially likes Joe Biden, as Kanye explained:

Obama’s particular. Trump’s particular. We’re asserting Kanye West is particular. The US wishes particular folks who lead. Bill Clinton? Special. Joe Biden’s now no longer particular.

You would’t argue with that.

West already has essentially the most exciting social media crew ever assembled. As we saw in 2016 with Trump, policies don’t notably matter. If West finds his “Find the Wall,” rallying level, it shall be ample to energize a sinful.

He can duel with Trump. He candance circles around Joe Biden.And West shall be facing two 70+-yr-inclined males. If each person catches covid, West may per chance per chance fairly merely be the final man standing.

Kanye West has plenty to work out sooner than he has a legitimate shot. However if he fills out his roster with folks who essentially know what they’re doing, does he have an opportunity?


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