It be About Time Ellen DeGeneres Faced Hollywood’s Chilly Shoulder

  • Ellen DeGeneres is indifferent under fire for developing a toxic place of job for her employees.
  • Noteworthy ado used to be made about the indisputable truth that DeGeneres bought toughen from the likes of Katy Perry, Kevin Hart, & Jay Leno.
  • However the trusty fable is not how many celebrities stood up for her — but somewhat, how few celebrities did.

When you seen the media, Ellen DeGeneres has nothing but celeb toughen.

After all, Katy Perry, Kevin Hart, and Jay Leno all came out in toughen of the embattled comic and talk indicate host. So, of their eyes, that intention all of Hollywood supporters her, magnificent?

Effectively…not precisely.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Celeb Toughen is Lacking

As we previously instructed you, the most efficient celeb toughen that Ellen DeGeneres certainly bought used to be from Kevin Hart, Katy Perry, and Jay Leno.

Hart’s defense of DeGeneres used to be nothing extra than somewhat of quid legitimate quo —she stood by him when he wanted it, and he returned the need. And Perry and Leno’s toughen of DeGeneres is de facto nothing extra thanceleb narcissism at work— yet one more example of “stars” lustrous which aspect of the bread they must butter in describe to live in trusty graces.

Video: Ellen DeGeneres Doesn’t Believe As Noteworthy Celeb Toughen As You Judge

But a form of than those three valuable names, who in Hollywood is de facto stepping up to defend Ellen DeGeneres?

The solution is inconspicuous: no one.

Each person Else Is Acknowledging What Her Workers Believe Acknowledged All Alongside

Brad Garrettused to be one among the first celebritiesto acknowledge, on the least publicly, that Ellen DeGeneres used to be as execrable as everybody mentioned she is. Lea Thompson which potential that of this truth backed up Garrett’s accusations.

And while “50 Shades of Grey” followers indicate that Dakota Johnson used to be one among the first celebrities who certainly known as out DeGeneres on her non-public indicate, the anti-Ellen sentiments can certainly first be traced lend a hand to Kathy Griffin.

In her e book, “Kathy Griffin’s Celeb Traipse-Ins: My A-Z Index,” Griffin accused DeGeneres of getting her kicked out of a gradual the curtain dressing room on the Emmy awards. Griffin furthermore mentioned that DeGeneres “has a mean whisk” that everybody in Hollywood knows about.

Whereas there are about a celebrities who toughen Ellen DeGeneres, there are loads of extra that carry out not. | Source:Twitter

And, having a watch lend a hand on previous episodes of Ellen’s indicate, it’s no wonder that celebrities aren’t precisely tripping over themselves to defend her. From making Taylor Swift cry, to scaring the life out of Sean “Diddy” Combs, to embarrassing Justin Bieber —and even to driving Michelle Obama to the purpose where she known as Ellen “annoying”— DeGeneres appears to be like to work time beyond law to be sure that everybody feels uncomfortable and on edge spherical her.

No wonder Hollywood desires nothing to defend out with Ellen DeGeneres. Can you blame them?

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