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Influential Women in the World of Cryptocurrencies

Influential Women in the World of Cryptocurrencies

Studies say that women show more contribution to learning and implementing new technology but not in numbers.  Although the count may vary from field to field, if you look at the average percentage, their numbers are at only 5%. On one hand, while women are still backing in tech for sure, yet they present a great show in a category, which is cryptocurrencies. Women are actively involved in cryptocurrencies even though they are low in numbers.

Women and Cryptocurrencies

Women and Cryptocurrencies

From world-famous entrepreneurs, founders to journalists, we see women as a game-changer in every aspect. All they need is enough time and space to plan their career and personal strategies that make them look big. Let us look at some women who are actively involved in cryptocurrencies and make every day a big day.

Rachel Wolfson

Rachel Wolfson has been passionate about cryptocurrencies since its dawn. She is an entrepreneur/journalist who supported in promoting several aspects and complexities of the growing digital economy inclu. She is a vigorous writer for HuffPost and focuses on delivering a unique range of articles on how to tokenize traditional assets, cryptocurrency experiments, etc. to name a few.

 It is also to be noted that her latest article is for Bitcoin Magazine. She takes the role of a marketing consultant with a huge focus on blockchain and crypto-based startups when away to writing.

Meltem Demirors

Demirors holds the position of director of development and a part of Digital Currency Group (DCG). DCG prominently invests in digital currencies, at the same time, supports and uplifts companies that are looking to change the future of our financial structure. Demirors do the job of managing managerial personnel and ensure all are on the same page. She crucially focuses on generating new growth channels.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in mathematical economics and plays a member role in the Global Future Council on Blockchain at the World Economic Forum.

Ambre Soubiran

Soubiran is super passionate about financial markets, blockchain, and digital assets, which made her interested in capital markets as her background. She possesses eight years of solid experience working at HSBC Global Banking and Markets. All sorts of these unique passions molded her to become the founder of the company called Kaiko. The company was formed in 2014 that saw great success in collecting data from the Mariana Trench.

Kaiko’s main intention is to protect the information of digital currencies is highly sequenced files, which can be passed over to companies for money to get a better understanding of the emerging market.

Pamela Morgan

Pamela Morgan is the founder and CEO of Third Key Solutions but also established a crypto-law firm called Empowered Law that checks out on grievances involved in digital assets, even before. You might be a king in trading with cryptocurrency, but if you do not know the rules of it properly then you will be the most suffering person. Third Key Solutions also deal with digital assets by enabling users to secure their digital assets. Moreover, single investors seek more help from the company for future investment plans that include real estate, inheritance, and more.

Anastasia Shvetsova

Women are involved in almost all parts of the blockchain community and public relations work that turn the focus to crypto startups and creative people in the world. Anastasia Shvestsova remains the best example of this kind. She developed her interest in cryptocurrencies, especially in the bitcoin revolution official in its early stages. Since she is from the background of public relations, recently she has been noticed by a helping number of technology companies with her presence.

She motivates people to become a crypto investor and has changed several members to new accustomed investors.  She stays focused on the new market and takes leads on a greater number of clients in the field as well as the ICOs. Shvetsova is the first person to publicize a crowd-funding campaign and tops the race.

Women are always smart but if they take more effort without pushing themselves into something, they remain always on top. Even if you take women who influence new investors by being a successful investor, with continuous learning and effort, they turned out to be so. Due to the decrease in the number of women contributing their time towards cryptocurrencies, does not mean that they are slow and fit for nothing. Women have more willpower than men not only in leading life successfully but also in many aspects of their career.

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