Home Cryptocurrencies News If understanding the new digital economy (cryptocurrency) keeps you up at night, Voyager Digital seeks to empower

If understanding the new digital economy (cryptocurrency) keeps you up at night, Voyager Digital seeks to empower

If understanding the new digital economy (cryptocurrency) keeps you up at night, Voyager Digital seeks to empower

It probably doesn’t matter if you are a baby boomer, Gen-X or even a millennial/Gen-Y, you are likely scratching your head just like the rest about the cryptocurrency market. And you thought “mining” was about physically digging for gold etc., not a computer algorithm trying to solve an equation to earn you crypto? Welcome to the 21st Century!

Here’s a company you need to be aware of, as it is representative of where this “new” digital world is going. Voyager Digital Ltd. (CSE: VYGR | OTCQB: VYGVF) is a relatively new public company, having closed its go-public transaction in February 2019 with a relisting of the company’s shares from the TSX Venture Exchange to the Canadian Securities Exchange in September 2019.

Voyager is a crypto-asset broker that provides retail and institutional investors with a turnkey solution to trade crypto assets. There’s an application to do this (naturally), which is available for both Apple and Android smartphones. Trading is commission-free and the company is dedicated to offering best-in-class customer service and providing a trusted and secure access point to crypto asset trading. There are currently 50 digital assets and 10 Decentralized Finance tokens (DeFi) on its crypto trading platform.

The company was founded by a group of finance and technology industry veterans from New York and Silicon Valley who have combined, decades worth on knowledge and expertise from leading organizations such as E*TRADE, Uber, Trade.It and Lightspeed Financial as well as having a technical adviser who was the founding Architect and Chief Technology Officer at Uber. They are based in New York and are registered with the appropriate regulatory bodies in the United States.

I know, this techno-jargon is probably making your head want to explode….it does mine sometimes too. I thought I was being sophisticated when I signed up for an online cryptocurrency mining site 18 months ago. Well, Bitcoin et al have been more than volatile and maybe you made money, but maybe you also lost it. We have all read about the issues with stolen cryptocurrency wallets plus the other vagaries of the cryptocurrency space and concerns about keeping your digital currency wallet from being hacked.

The use of cryptocurrency to buy and sell goods and services, among other things, is a new and rapidly evolving industry. Although it is widely predicted that cryptocurrency will become a leading means of digital payment at some point in the future, many issues are yet to be resolved including government regulation and the broad market acceptance of the use of a volatile digital form of payment.

But there is a market for cryptocurrencies and it appears to be growing. And it’s not just about paying in a cryptocurrency, it is also about buying and selling them like you would a stock or commodity. Voyager’s trading is based on access to more than a dozen secure and trusted exchanges and market makers to offer unparalleled speed, liquidity and pricing in the app. It is currently only available to residents of the US excluding New York State.

They are currently working with regulators to operate in New York and internationally and have announced the intention to launch the Voyager app in Canada this fall. On October 1, the company announced the appointment of the Head of Business Development and International Strategy, Lewis Bateman, located in Toronto, confirming the commitment to development in the Canadian market. He will focus on building out Voyager’s regulatory compliant international infrastructure in North America, Europe and Latin America as well as developing additional strategic relationships to accelerate the company’s growth.

In addition to the interest in the launch in Canada, the company is seeing significant adoption by new and existing users. “This is evidenced by our strong trading metrics and revenue growth, with the September quarter’s anticipated revenues expected to exceed $2 million as previously announced, representing a 200% increase from the previous quarter” said Steve Ehrlich, Co-Founder and CEO of Voyager Digital.

Go into either the Apple app store or the Google app store and you will find multiple possible cryptocurrency trading applications available to download. However, Voyager Digital is relatively new and is publicly listed in Canada and is intent on international expansion. As we all learn more about crypto and maybe step into that world, Voyager is one company that provides an extensive (and growing) list of currencies to access, no-commission trading and security. But if owning or trading cryptocurrency keeps you awake at night, there is an opportunity to still benefit from the Voyager model through the public listing.


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