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FF Token: The new cryptocurrency on the block (chain)

FF Token: The new cryptocurrency on the block (chain)

There’s a new kid on the cryptocurrency block and South Africans from all walks of life are being encouraged to participate. 

The launch of the Hollywood-born, Fight to Fame concept has been tipped to revolutionise the financial, sports and entertainment arenas as well as open big doors for jane/joe public, combat athletes and aspiring movie stars.

Fight to Fame – currently being rolled out across the globe – aims to create Hollywood movie stars out of real-life combat sports women and men through a reality show that will soon kick into gear.

The business model is based on #BMS (Blockchain, Movie and Sports).

Blockchain (the FF token) will be used to regulate and purchase within the model.

For the avid crypto buyers and newcomers, the FF token is the game-changer that could be as influential and more than the latest craze on the South Africa crypto market – Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is currently the leading cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization and price and South Africa is on the verge of becoming one of the notable adopters of crypto currency based on it’s growth and rise – trading, mining as well as making payment using Bitcoin – over the last five years in the country.

“The FF token is revolutionary. I believe one day all traditional business will be conducted like this. Our combining of the blockchain with movies and sport is a world first. In the not too distant future all sports will be based on the blockchain, so too all movies, and more crypto currencies will underline themselves with traditional and tangible assets like we do now,” says Fight to Fame South Africa, Blockchain Executive, Gershon Davidse.

The Fight to Fame reality show will allow fans and followers to use the FF token to vote for their favourite contestants.

The show will see selected combat sport entrants partake in several assessments and training (almost like a Big Brother, The Voice, or Idols show) to become belt-holding Fight to Fame Champions. These winners will then be given roles in major action films creating a new generation of Bruce Lees and Jean Claude van Dammes.

These tokens will also empower fans to purchase tickets to events around the continent, place bets, as well as give access to other special VIP offers.

“Besides the reality show, which will be screened in over 200 countries, we also recently inked a deal with superstar actor Jamie Foxx to produce one of our movies ‘When We Pray’. 

“This will all contribute to the value of the crypto currency,” elaborates Davidse who confirms that the currency can be used to purchase these movie tickets.

“Never before has a crypto currency come onto the market with so much offering linked to traditional businesses” says Davidse.

Davidse stated that buyers of the FF Token are coming onboard with a virtual cushioning.

“What makes our currency different to any other cryptocurrency, is that the rest of the crypto currency world relies on ‘consensus’ for valuation. The fact that our currency is linked to tangibles – traditional businesses – means that there is a continuous flow of capitalisation. 

“We intend to enter the market as one of the top 10 crypto currencies in terms of market capitalisation, which means you are looking at upwards of US$1 Billion in market capitalisation,” he says.

60 million Fight to Fame tokens have been reserved for the African leg of the business – of which renowned South African professional boxing star and former IBO welterweight champion, Chris van Heerden is the BMS South Africa event committee chairman. 

The impact of Covid-19 has been devastating on economies around the world. 

According to some analysts, it could take up to five years for the South African economy to recover to pre-Covid-19 levels and the economy is projected to contract between 7 and 10 percent due to the impact of the lockdown.

After speaking to some of Africa’s most influential mixed martial artists and combat sport athletes – most of whom have lost out financially in this time, many of them have have warmed up to the idea of what Fight to Fame offers seeing it as a ‘lucrative’ and ‘alternative revenue stream’, not only for fighters, but also for the public.

“An exciting opportunity now exists for the ordinary man on the street to also purchase their own tokens in a Pre-ICO (initial coin offering) special offer from the Fight to Fame Africa office for as little as 1 US dollar (roughly R17.40).

“Conservative estimates indicate that we are looking at a five-fold increase in value for the token shortly after the ICO,” adds Davidse.

In December last year, Fight to Fame BMS successfully signed a contract with BKEX, one of the top crypto exchanges in the world. BKEX is designated as the world ‘s first exchange to launch FF Tokens, and it is a highlight in the global crypto currency industry. This has caused many investment institutions in the global cryptocurrency industry to pay close attention to the cooperation between Fight to Fame BMS and BKEX.

For more information on how to register for the show (combat athletes) and to purchase the token visit www.fight2fame.com.



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