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Elon Musk Is Our Most Worried Billionaire, His Kanye West Pic Proves It

Elon Musk Is Our Most Worried Billionaire, His Kanye West Pic Proves It

  • Kanye West posted a image with Elon Musk that went viral on Wednesday.
  • It’s Musk’s newest, of many, efforts to hunt for chilly.
  • Ironically, Elon Musk couldn’t ever be chilly till he accepts that he isn’t.

Kanye West upright posted a image with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

In a vacuum, there’s nothing unpleasant with the yell. But if you happen to aid in thoughts the wide lengths Musk has taken to hunt for chilly for the duration of his profession, this pic becomes humorous.

Elon Musk wants us to mediate he’s some execute of punk-rock, house-age playboy, but the true fact is, he’s upright a extremely successful tech guy who some might well well even aid in thoughts a “nerd.”

When being chilly fails miserably. | Source:Twitter

And that’s totally pleasing.

Repeat after me, Elon: you’re adequate upright the means you are.

Kanye West Hangs Out With His Emotional Twin

Talking of different folk doing too powerful,Kanye West is encourage within the concepts cycle.After losing a brand new single the day prior to this, Kanye posted this image on Twitter:

Genuine a identical outdated day for about a customary guys. | Source:Twitter

The caption reads,

As soon as you happen to scamper to your boys house and likewise you’re every wearing orange.

Appropriate on Kanye for precisely referring to himself & Elon as “boys.”

That’s clearly the establish they’re stuck in their deepest enhance. And, as boys have, they every crave attention.

Kanye straight upstole the eye from Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs.He’s acknowledged slavery became once a need. He loudly backed Donald Trump sooner than, reportedly, backing off.  He tweeted that convicted serial rapist Invoice Cosby became once innocent.

But West can’t take care of still criticism, as we noticed whenhe blasted a journalist for giving his album a “B+.”  When his self-love is high, he wants the realm to know.

We’re cheerful for you, Kanye. | Source:The Title Magazine

Kanye West is never any longer a execrable guy. But he’s childish. And that might well well point out why he’s tight with Elon Musk.

Elon Musk Will Never Be Frosty

Developing Tesla is the finest thing, by far, that Elon Musk has ever done. The vehicles seek for unbelievable, feel wide, they customarily’re serving to the atmosphere. If that weren’t adequate, Musk is also working arduous to develop house tourism a true thing.

Why is it no longer adequate to be a disruptive billionaire who wants to purchase other folk to house?

Because Elon Musk’s insecurity climbs heights that Set-X might well well beneath no circumstances hope to be triumphant in.

That’s why he went on the greatest podcast on the earth and smoked weed.That’s why his son’s title is a riddle.His insecurity is the motive that he, esteem Kanye West,on an everyday basis posts controversial tweets.It’s the motive he’s dated so many smartly-known ladies.

He craves to be within the dialog. If he’s no longer, he’s no longer price it.$46 billion is never any longer adequate.

Elon Musk wants to be the CEO of your brain. He wants you to mediate he’s the finest particular person on earth.

But the true fact is, he’s upright a nice nerd. Check up on this outdated pic of the explicit Elon Musk:

Why does Elon Musk seek for older when he became once youthful? | Source:Twitter

He clearly had a hair transplant. But that balding young man restful lives inner of Elon.

It comes out in his pocketed palms and dad sneakers.

Elon’s decrease half presentations his appropriate self. | Source:Twitter

And as long as he retains making an are attempting to instruct how hip he’s, he couldn’t ever take.

Because, Elon, the finest thing you would possibly well have is glean yourself upright the means you are.

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