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Ellen DeGeneres’ Frightful 2020 Gets Worse as Divorce Rumors Resurface

Ellen DeGeneres’ Frightful 2020 Gets Worse as Divorce Rumors Resurface

  • Ellen DeGeneres is rumored to be getting divorced from her longtime spouse, Portia de Rossi.
  • The news comes hot on the heels of but but one more yelp referring to the “toxic work culture,” and her alleged connection to the absurd “Wayfair trafficking conspiracy.”
  • How powerful worse can she win?

Ellen DeGeneres is getting worse.

In the wake of the in actuality-weird “Wayfair trafficking scandal,” and hot on the heels of newest reviews of the toxic nature of her eponymous elaborate’s work culture, comes be aware that she will be able to most likely be divorcing her longtime spouse, Portia de Rossi.

It’s safe to claim that Ellen is in freefall—as well she deserves.

Ellen DeGeneres Is Crashing

Where will we initiate with this Ellen DeGeneres mess?

First, let’s discuss referring to the reviews of her divorce. Per (admittedly unsubstantiated) rumors, de Rossi has lastly had adequate of her spouse’s battle-ax methods, so she’s hanging on some country music and kicking her to the curb.

Whereas the rumors of their crash up web been occurring since 2018,they could per chance web legsnow attributable to Ellen’s controlling methods.

Rumors are unfolding that Ellen DeGeneres’ behavior isn’t as good because it is when she’s on digicam. Outmoded workers, alongside side her bodyguard, came forward with reviews about how she’s a diva when the cameras quit. She’s additionally being accused of no longer paying her team of workers’s dues. She’s had a recognition for being domineering alongside with her team of workers, but for the old few years, it’s long gone over the brink. It’ll be attending to her spouse, Portia de Rossi, as well.

I’m questioning if Ellen DeGeneres thinks “preserve an eye on” is more necessary than being fortunately married to her spouse?

Conspiracy Theories Apart, Ellen Is In actuality Unpleasant

With the exception of the rumors that Ellen DeGeneres is getting divorced comes speculation of her involvement with the so-known as “Wayfair scandal.”

The conspiracy, which develop into a world pattern, claimed the web furnishings retailer is nothing but a mountainous entrance for a little bit one trafficking ring. Its “colossal-label items” develop into once a entrance for pedophiles to “advise” teens on-line, the conspiracy added.

Now, whereas it develop into once in the destroy printed to be nothing more than a mountainousQAnon conspiracy theory—and all of us knowhow bad the QAnon crowd is—one has to wonder why Ellen consistently finds herself in the crosshairs of these perplexing rumors.

As it turns out, there are a great deal of upright reasons for it.

Yikes, Ellen DeGeneres. JUST YIKES. | Supply:Twitter

Per but but one more unusual describe out referring to the toxic work culture onThe Ellen Put, both contemporary and ragged workers declare that the work conditions are all but unbearable. Workers are usually fired after taking medical leave, and one employee develop into once even fired after taking a bereavement day to mourn the inability of a shut member of the family.

In response, Ellenhad her publicist notify a rote window-dressing sigh:

For the myth, the day after day responsibility of the Ellen elaborate is fully on us. We purchase all of this very seriously and we realize, as many in the realm are studying, that now we prefer to purchase out better, are dedicated to purchase out better, and we can carry out better.

Don’t try too moving now, Ellen!

There’s no scarcity of methods that Ellen DeGeneresis apt undeniable dreadful. It’s a wonder that “cancel culture” composed hasn’t done its ingredient and canceled her already. At what level are all of us lastly going to claim, ‘adequate is adequate’?

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed listed right here carry out no longer necessarily replicate the views of CCN.com.

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