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Ellen DeGeneres Articulate DJ’s ‘Toxic’ Mumble Must not Shock You

Ellen DeGeneres Articulate DJ’s ‘Toxic’ Mumble Must not Shock You

  • Ellen DeGeneres’ outdated DJ has spoken out in opposition to his boss.
  • Tony Okungbowa changed into once the distinctive DJ for “The Ellen DeGeneres Articulate” unless 2013 when he changed into once replaced by DJ tWitch.
  • Unfortunately, his revelations are no longer aesthetic at this point.

Ellen DeGeneres’ outdated DJ has damaged his silence.

In an originate letter posted to Instagram, Tony Okungbowa — who simply passed by his first title when he changed into once a segment of “The Ellen DeGeneres Articulate” — shared what it changed into once spend to work with the embattled focus on expose host.

And, unfortunately, his claims are no longer aesthetic.

Ellen DeGeneres Treats Her Employees Like Trash

Tony Okungbowa changed into once employed on “The Ellen DeGeneres Articulate” from 2003 unless 2006, then came support in 2007 and stayed unless 2013. At the time of his departure, he changed into once replaced by DJ tWitch.

Tony Okungbowa, who changed into once the distinctive “Ellen Articulate” DJ, mentioned that he “felt the toxicity” from Ellen DeGeneres and her employees. | Source:Instagram

And whereas his originate letter, which changed into once posted to his Instagram page, changed into once “instant and sweet,” it unquestionably drove the point dwelling.

I would spend to handle the time I spent there. I changed into once on air ability from 2003-2006 and from 2007 -2013. While I’m grateful for the different it afforded me, I did skills and with out a doubt feel the toxicity of the environment and I stand with my outdated colleagues in their quest to have faith a healthier and extra inclusive place of job as the expose moves forward.

It doesn’t exactly sound like Okungbowa has any like for his outdated boss, now, does it?

Different Living Of Guidelines For A-Listers

Although extra than one particular person has reach forward, at this point, to verify that Ellen DeGeneres is a toxic, execrable bully, her few defenders appear to have faith one ingredient in frequent:

They’re all A-listers.

Video: Tony Okungbowa In Happier Days On “The Ellen DeGeneres Articulate”

It is far ideal that Portia de Rossi would defend her wife, sothe absolute best ingredient “gruesome” about it is miles the timing. Nonetheless Katy Perry and Kevin Hart — the latter of whomrecently came out in enhance of DeGeneres— are two of the supreme names within the leisure industry.

Perry and Hart’s “protection” of Ellen DeGeneres is proof that sheknows if she acts like a popularity-hungry, energy-crazed, narcissistic bully to A-listers, she can in finding herself on the contaminated ruin of the Hollywood blacklist.

In her thoughts, she can act the vogue she with out a doubt is spherical folk who don’t have faith what she perceives as “energy” in Hollywood — ensuing from, in her thoughts, what can Brad Garrett or Tony Okungbowa enact to her?

Unfortunately for Ellen DeGeneres, cases are altering — and energy-tripping, egotistical narcissists with delusions of grandeur are going by a reckoning. And no longer a moment too soon.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article enact no longer necessarily mediate the views of CCN.com.

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