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Duvaro is an online trading provider founded in 2022; Throughout the short, it has become one of the leading online brokerage firms that accept clients worldwide. Duvaro.io has a global presence in various geographical areas that allows them to offer its clients quality services and technical support.

This Duvaro.io review is an in-depth analysis of everything there is to know about this forex trading services provider and what it has to offer.


Duvaro Main Features
Established in:2022
Minimum Deposit:$25
Demo Account Available:Yes
Leverage:Up to 1:300
Withdrawal fee amount:$0
Inactivity Fee:Yes


 Variety of trading instruments does not provides MT4 trading platform
Different types of trading accounts, according to traders’ experience Does not accept clients from the US, Canada, and Belgium
Bitcoin deposit option


Safety & Regulation

Is Duvaro Regulated?

Duvaro is the brand name of 48Power Ltd G, registered under the Financial Sector Conduct Authority of Nevis.

Is Divaro.io Safe Or A Scam?

Duvaro keeps client funds in segregated accounts to keep from merging clients’ funds with those of the corporation. The segregated accounts show the company’s high transparency and concern towards the client’s funds and personal information.

Traders who use the maximum available leverage are exposed to a negative balance and unwanted charges. However, the broker’s risk department monitors clients’ trades and will notify any client in trouble via email and ask him to take precautions.

Duvaro Trading Fees

With Duvaro, there is a minimum and no maximum trade size; the minimum trade size is 0.01 lots. There is a maximum amount of orders for traders that can be opened on their trading account, but we have not yet confirmed the number. Their execution speed for an order is, on average, approximately two hundred milliseconds; this is considered to be very fast and efficient to benefit traders.

Another feature and trading condition that Duvaro provides is hedging and scalping. The required margin for hedging positions on the three accounts is zero, and there are no time limitations for keeping the positions open for traders.

With Duvaro.io, traders can face a negative balance using the maximum available leverage level. A negative balance could also occur if there is slippage due to a period of high volatility.

The broker has a risk department that constantly and consistently tracks their clients’ progress regarding risk-taking decisions and strategies. This allows Duvaro to monitor and see if a trader makes irresponsible trading decisions. Then the broker will notify the trader through an email with the contents asking them to reduce their risk exposure.

Duvaro Leverage

Duvaro offers a maximum leverage ratio of 1: 300. The minimum leverage is 1:100 and is available on basic accounts.

duvaro Account Types
duvaro Account Types

Leverage is a form of a loan to the client that enables you to get a much larger exposure to the market you are trading than the amount you deposited to open the trade. Leveraged products, such as forex trading, magnify your potential profit and increase your possible loss.

  • The leverage amount is expressed as a ratio of 50:1, 100:1, or 500:1. Assuming you have $1,000 in your trading account and you trade ticket sizes of $500,000 EURUSD, your leverage will equate to 500:1.
  • Margin is the amount of collateral to cover any credit risks during your trading operations. It is expressed as the percentage of position size (e.g. 5% or 1%), and you have to have funds in your trading account to ensure sufficient margin.

Account Opening Duvaro.io

There are three different account types for Duvaro, which all have various features for all kinds of traders.
Opening an account is easy and fully digital.
These are all available for you on Duvaro.io, but it depends on your trading knowledge.


 Instant execution limited educational resources
Low minimum deposit (250USD) No access to automated trading
 Guaranteed stop-loss orders available No copy trading

Deposit & Withdrawal

With Duvaro, traders can withdraw and deposit their Client Area by utilizing any available funding options that traders prefer. However, the possibilities are limited.
There are several methods of payment for depositing and withdrawing funds. These methods include BitCoin, Debit and Credit Cards.

Duvaro accepts several different currencies: USD, EUR, and GBP. The deposits and withdrawals are free, but the bank could charge a transfer fee and not the broker.

Duvaro will also not cover conversion fees if the trader deposits or withdraws funds in a different currency than that of the trading account.


For traders to be able to withdraw funds from their trading account, they must log in to their Client Area and fill in the available form to make a withdrawal request. On the plus side, there are no withdrawal fees for traders, and their withdrawal requests are usually processed in one working day, depending on the payment method. However, clients must verify their accounts and provide all the necessary documents to proceed with any withdrawal.

Trading Platforms

There is only one available Duvaro trading platform, which is the duvaro trading platform.

The trading platform is available and accessible for all traders through the web, their desktop terminal and their mobile application.

The Webtrader is one of the most popular and well-known trading platforms worldwide, with many user-friendly features.

The Desktop Terminal is one of the most popular and well-known trading platforms worldwide, with many user-friendly features.
It has a straightforward structure that is considered easy for novice and experienced traders.

The design of the trading platform and its accurate analytical instruments are among the many reasons for its popularity for brokers and traders alike. With Duvaro, there is accuracy and transparency for trading decisions and trading strategies that can be easily monitored. With Desktop, the decisions lie with the trader, who can pick and choose all of the options that facilitate their trading decisions and strategies.

Overall, the Desktop Terminal is available for traders who prefer a stable environment for trading. The Desktop Terminal platform allows you to view your fee reports, which are reports of all the payments you have made on the platform; you can also find your past performances on your portfolio.

The Mobile application is a trading platform supported by Android-powered and iOS-powered mobile devices. The application gives traders the option to select from hundreds of brokers and thousands of servers.

The second trading platform provided by Duvaro would be the Mobile Trading Application, which is the same trading platform as Desktop. Still, it has the option of being accessed through a mobile device. Many traders prefer the Mobile because clients can trade anytime and anywhere during the day. Mobile is available for versions of Android and Apple iOS devices to trade in the financial markets.

The Mobile application is a trading platform supported by Android-powered and iOS-powered mobile devices. The application gives traders the option to select from hundreds of brokers and thousands of servers. It provides everything the trader might need for successful FX trading, such as a complete set of orders, trading history, interactive charts, technical analysis and the widest selection of supported mobile devices.

duvaro Mobile Trading platform
duvaro Mobile Trading platform

Markets & Financial Instruments

Duvaro provides a wide array of trading instruments such as Forex, Indices, Precious Metals and Energy, and Crypto-currencies.
They have firm commitments to the best software quality and quality assurance to ensure that traders receive top-notch and transparent experience in trading.
They have been given the authorization to offer financial services to traders worldwide, except for US, Canadian, and Belgian citizens, keeping up with the jurisdiction of every authority in every country they partner with.
What Duvaro Offers

What Duvaro Offers

Customer Service

 Multiple methods of customer support Not available 24/7
 Fast response Must log in to Facebook Messenger for Live Chat
 Relevant responses to your inquiries


The customer service of Duvaro is available 24 hours a day5 days a week. However, there are several ways to reach their customer support: phone and email.
With Duvaro customer reviews, traders claim that they have a beneficial trading experience.

They find the customer support service help with their relevant responses and fast response time. The only thing that traders find discouraging is the long process of withdrawal.

Conclusion Duvaro.io forex brokerage Review

With Duvaro, their main priority is to ensure traders make the best trading decisions by providing different trading programs and the best trading conditions the financial market can offer. They are available for Forex trading 24 hours a day, five days a week.

This Duvaro broker review emphasizes the unique aspects and features of this online trading and financial services provider. Since Duvaro is an online trading provider, they do not have a dealing desk. All of their procedures are automated, but this is beneficial for traders since there are no conflicts of interest because all of the requests are approved by liquidity providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Duvaro a good broker?

It is a good broker. It also proves to put clients a priority. They also have several forms of customer support so that you can reach them in several ways 24/5.

Is Duvaro reliable?

Duvaro is a new broker, so the verdict is out on this, but for now, it looks promising.

How long does it take to withdraw from Duvaro?

What Is The Minimum Deposit For Duvaro?
The minimum deposit for the Bronze Account is 250USD, the Silver Account is 2500USD, and the Gold Account is 25000USD.

How do I fund Duvaro?

You can fund your Duvaro account with the following options: BitCoin; Debit and Credit Cards; Bank Transfer.

Does Duvaro charge any commission?

According to the Duvaro website, there are no commissions charged.


General information
Account opening
Trading platform
Range of Market
Deposit and withdrawal
Education & Tools
Customer service
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