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Dow Tumbles After Horrific Economic Files Spooks U.S. Stock Market
The Dow Jones suffered a big pullback on Thursday. Unemployment claims and a historically grisly GDP report weighed on the U.S. stock market. One economist warns financial market pricing is still too optimistic. An afternoon relief rally launched the stock market off its lows, but the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) still hurtled toward a…
Ellen DeGeneres & Lena Dunham Lead the Top 5 Superstar ‘Karens’
The term ‘Karen’ has exploded in popularity since the start of the pandemic & George Floyd protests. Several videos of women displaying questionable behavior regarding race and health have gone viral. Karens are not new. They’ve been entertaining us for years, they just hid it well. You might think we’re picking on Lena Dunham and…
Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq Below Strain as Economic Recovery Stalls
The Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq Composite declined sharply on Thursday. Initial jobless claims are rising again amid a worsening Covid-19 outbreak. U.S. GDP recorded its largest-ever contraction in the second quarter. The Dow and broader U.S. stock market declined sharply on Thursday over revelations that the economic recovery was losing momentum in July. Commodity…
Valve Shuts Steam’s Low-price Pricing Flaw
Independent tracker Steam DB drew attention to a change of policy on Steam to combat region price abuse. The changes prevent users from buying games in a region for which they don’t have the correct details. Not only will these changes do little to stop abuse, but they harm legitimate Steam users. There was some…
Kanye West Better Endorse Joe Biden Quickly
Kanye West and his “run for president” are a joke, but this isn’t the year for a comedy routine. New Jersey Democrats know this. That’s why they’re challenging West’s bid to get on the ballot. In any other election, his stunt would be annoying. This time, it could have devastating consequences. Kanye West wants New…
One thing Stinks With Kodak Insider Trading—But No longer from Executives
Kodak’s CEO bought nearly 47,000 shares in June. This week, the government announced a $765 million loan, and shares are up over 1,000%. Volume trends the day before the announcement also suggest insider trading. What’s the easiest way to make money in the stock market? By knowing before the public about a significant change and…
Has the PS5 Already Received the Console War? No longer so Like a flash
New research suggests 84% of gamers are more excited about the PlayStation 5 than Xbox Series X. 58% of participants anticipate buying a next-gen console within three months. Sony may have already won the head-to-head tussle with Microsoft before it’s even started in earnest. Although we’ve still got months to go before the next generation…
Housing Market Sees Rising Sales In June, But Put together For One other Dip
Home sales have risen for the second consecutive month, while house prices are also increasing. Surging Covid-19 cases may prevent sales from rising in July and August. The end of the federal moratorium on foreclosures may result in a housing market downturn. Pending home sales increased for the second consecutive month in June, climbing 16.6%…
Dow Futures Cave Because of the Earnings Season Doesn’t Earn Bigger Than This
The Dow Jones collapsed on Thursday, falling more than 500 points. Quarterly GDP plunged by the worst mark on record. Apple headlines the biggest day of the second-quarter earnings season. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) suffered a violent downturn on Thursday. With Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, and Facebook all set to report their results after…
Meghan Markle’s £67,000 Dazzling Invoice is Defeating
As Meghan Markle is hit by $87,000 in legal fees, things seem to be going from bad to worse for the Duchess of Difficult. Unfortunately for her, the risk of her “special sisterhood” of friends being publicly named is still very real. There’s one name rumored to be among that group that could spell the…
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