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The notion of California forging a controversial ‘Calexit’ from US governmental control might seem like whimsical thinking, but could the would-be state-turned-country’s proposed reliance on cryptocurrencies to supply free healthcare and provide Universal Basic Income has shone a light on how crypto bring stability for the poorest members of society.
When the gas escaped from the ICO bubble market in early 2018, speculators and developers scrambled to find a new way to generate the huge funds and rampant growth previously offered by now collapsed initial coin offerings. DeFi is just the latest in the line of new, and ultimately self defeating attempts to bring back…
Risk is running rampant in financial markets. Stocks trade at dot-com-era valuations, the IPO pipeline is full, SPACs are back, Bitcoin’s headed toward a record. And right on cue, here come the crypto opportunists.
The Australian Services and Investments Commission (ASIC) has banned John Louis Anthony Bigatton, who was the Australian national representative for crypto platform BitConnect, from engaging in financial services for the next seven years after he was found to be engaging in deceptive practices, a report from Financial Standard finds.
There’s a new set of APIs for Bitcoin token services and application developers that lets them query the most recent status of any transaction. TXDB is a “global Bitcoin transaction spend index” from infrastructure builders Matterpool, one that provides an easy way to get the transaction’s “spend status” by looking at when (ie: where on…
Africa is experiencing a quiet boom in the use of cryptocurrency. Over the last year, crypto transfers by individuals and small businesses soared by over 40% to a whopping $315 million in June. That's according to U.S. blockchain research firm Chainalysis.
One of cryptocurrency’s biggest selling points is that it is mostly beyond the reach of world governments, providing a universal option through which to avoid banks and fiat currencies entirely. This is not entirely true for all forms of crypto, however, and one of the most privacy-focused may have just been opened up to prying…
Much to the disappointment of true believers, however, Bitcoin—in fact, the whole cryptocurrency market—has cratered right along with the stock market. Though the price has jumped today, at publication time it was still down roughly 40% from a month ago. So is Bitcoin not actually a safe haven after all? Though it appears to have…
Yet, the way consumers receive disbursements stands in stark contrast to how many of them make payments today, with one-touch simplicity of peer-to-peer (P2P) apps like Venmo and digital wallets like Apple Pay. Only 13 percent of consumers currently receive disbursements through instant payments to digital wallets or debit, credit or prepaid cards. The share…
In 2014, the operators of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Mt. Gox, disclosed that hackers had drained 650,000 Bitcoin (worth about $500 million at the time). The ensuing chaos gave Michael Gronager, founder and CEO of Chainalysis, an idea: Since blockchain ledgers are public, what if someone created a tool that sifted through all of…
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